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this post is dedicated to ryan.

i love friends. they constantly get better and never cease to amaze you. it all boils down to the word true. and ryan FUCKINLUMBERJACKTHESALAMI markus is quite possibly the best friend a kid could ask for.

so i'm in the car on a long ass drive home from the mall at millenia which is a shitty mall. aventura but more expensive and no theatre. still sad about missing fear before who i was dying to see but oh well can't blame anyone really just bad bad timing. and so i get a call from ryan whom i love. "hey ryan" "hey spanks someone wants to talk to you hold on" "hey" "hey who is this?" music in background i couldn't hear him so well but i believe he said [Dave] from fear before.

then i go off on a shit fit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT OH MAN HEY MAN.

hey i heard you missed us last night you shoulda came.

oh believe me i tried i wanted to so bad, listen i love your music i admire all of you and all of your ability to make music and i just love you guys,

thanks man i appreciate it, you should really come see us,

oh i do want to when are you coming again?

we're going on a tour with thursday in january look for us.

oh believe me i will. i heard you guys were amazing

thanks man well here's your friend.

so basically. i fucking love ryan. i wasi n the car i was about to cream myself. my stomach did a sommersault. my fucking goodness ryan's gonna get a call from someone special soon. holy shit i love you ryan

greaterthansign9999999999999999999 nuevo lovin for real
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