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i hate

one thing among others about this school. It amazes me that people up here are like sofa king religious. okay so my apostraphes arent working so this is going to be annoying. well what i mean by such is that i say god damn a lot. its part of my vocabulary. and people get pissed at me like dont say that. its offensive blah blah. yeah whatever bullshit. you know i said god damn in lunch and the cop who hangs around the lunch room comes up to me and throws a shit fit. telling me how he loves god and it offends him. well douche bag your denying my free speech offends me and my religion which is called mind your own fucking business and if im going to go to hell for sayingGODDAMN then thats between me and him so go fuckyourself. he told me hed rather hear the f word. so ill say fuck fuck fuck. "its offensive to god" yeah okay its not saying damn god idiot its god damn. "oh well it means the same thing" are you fucking kidding me? GOD DAMN ALL OF YOU RELIGIOUS FANATICS WHO PUSH YOUR BELIEFS ON ME. HOLD MY LEFT NUT. this girl got pissed at me because i told her i didnt exactly believe that the bible was the word of god. and its so obvious its not. can some wave of logic and i dunno some REASON fucking hit this town?

hahaGODDAMNGODDAMNGODDAMNGODDAMN. whats he gonna do send me to hell? JEWS DONT BELIEVE IN HELL. so whos right? no one. were gonna leave this shit the same way we came in start as nothing end as nothing
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