ballistic_bars (ballistic_bars) wrote,

spencer might have mono.

I have three patches of bacteria on my left tonsil. and like i hate the way they look they're just sitting there mocking me, i wanna touch them or burn them or swallow them but i can't. so i think i'm gonna have to name them.

I'm already naming my tonsils Mary Jane Johnson and Tillie Johnson. We agreed Becca shouldn't be the name of one of my tonsils because well, she's a joke ruiner. amongst other things. Becca can be one of the infectious bacteria patches. along with Kim Jong and adolf ( mass genocide dictator jokes are still not funny)

I don't know why i like to start naming everything, but anything i have i'm gonna name from now on.

Oh and I made my new lj icon. I personally think its pretty 1337.
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